How do you professionalize a family business?

After 25 years he finds it time to professionalize his family business. Gert van Houten no longer sees any opportunities for growth, but he does want to improve, modernise and professionalise the organisation. How do you professionalize a family business?


Scoring under pressure

After nine years HC Bloemendaal becomes national champion again under the leadership of coach Michel van den Heuvel. Earlier he brought Orange Black to structural success. How did he achieve this and what was the contribution of the People Change Scan?


Farewell to Transavia: a new future

Daan Noordeloos says goodbye to Transavia and continues his work at Transavia partly from People Change. On the occasion of this he and Transavia-CEO Mattijs ten Brink are giving a workshop to old and new relations about what binds them together and to Transavia. An exploration of the future.

thank you and goodbye

People Change Scan provides tools for change processes

Consultancy bureau People Change has developed a tool and methodology that helps in preparing and monitoring change processes and coaching employees in their development. The People Change Scan supports companies in, among other things, better understanding the organisation, teams and employees and tailoring change processes, mapping the necessary developments in the value systems or mindsets and change skills of employees and drawing up further change plans.


How to successfully transform your organization

How do you keep your head above water in an age of digitalisation and competition from price fighters? How do you transform your organisation with a changed target group? How do you realize this while you can’t grow with your current services and your culture is based on seniority?


How can you benefit from external changes with the People Change Scan?

How can you benefit from external changes with the People Change Scan? Transavia Airlines wants to become an agile company that can benefit from external changes in the rapidly changing outside world. Companies become more agile as they undergo a transformation that promotes the development of more complex value systems. Why many transformations fail So…

Daan Noordeloos

How do you make 1700 people customer-focussed?

In order to change the entire organisation, I first had to know where the organisation was at that moment. If you want to go to Rome, it makes a difference whether you are leaving Moscow or Amsterdam.  
With the People Change Scan we determined where everyone in the organization was, whether the people were able to execute the plans and whether it was within their natural talents and abilities to do what we asked of them. How can we organize the change so that people can follow the process and stay tuned in?


Identifying improvements

Are you a consultant? Then the People Change Scan, combined with your knowledge and experience, can give more substance to your advice. Tips and insights from Chantal van Gerven of the FranchiseAdviseur.

Chantal van Gerven FranchiseAdviseur