How can you benefit from external changes with the People Change Scan?

How can you benefit from external changes with the People Change Scan? Transavia Airlines wants to become an agile company that can benefit from external changes in the rapidly changing outside world. Companies become more agile as they undergo a transformation that promotes the development of more complex value systems. Why many transformations fail So…


How do you make 1700 people customer-focussed?

In order to change the entire organisation, I first had to know where the organisation was at that moment. If you want to go to Rome, it makes a difference whether you are leaving Moscow or Amsterdam.  
With the People Change Scan we determined where everyone in the organization was, whether the people were able to execute the plans and whether it was within their natural talents and abilities to do what we asked of them. How can we organize the change so that people can follow the process and stay tuned in?

Daan Noordeloos
Chantal van Gerven FranchiseAdviseur

Identifying improvements

Are you a consultant? Then the People Change Scan, combined with your knowledge and experience, can give more substance to your advice. Tips and insights from Chantal van Gerven of the FranchiseAdviseur.


How to prepare for gold in Tokyo?

Adam Commens, High-Performance Director of the Belgian Hockey Federation, successfully uses the People Change Scan. Discover how he understands and applies the different mindsets, and has discovered that relationships are more important than facts.


Aligning priorities of the organisation and employees

Success starts with motivated employees. Every organisation needs a vision so that its employees can work passionately, attract people with the same vision and to keep on developing in an ever-changing world. But does the goal of your organisation fit in with the personal goals of your employees?


How do you become a successful leader?

Successful leaders know what drives them and their employees. They have a common goal and use the agreed core values to determine the way to the desired results and also promote those values themselves. Inspiring leadership requires knowing yourself well. Effective leadership of your team or company starts with leadership of yourself.


How to make organisational change a succes?

A chairman of the Board of Directors immediately wants to have a plan on the table to turn around disappointing results. Under pressure, managers begin to draw up a change plan and implement it immediately. How do you make such an organisational change successful?